Who we are …

The Groundsman is a proudly South Australian owned small family business.
We’re all about quality. We make decisions based on fairness, our love of the outdoors, and what is best in the long run. We strive to recycle and reuse wherever possible and would love to leave our patch better than it is now.

What we do …

We are on a journey of continuous learning and are always looking to improve. We aim to build relationships with the best in the business to continue on this journey.

What makes us different …

While we aim to produce high quality coffee products, we also aim to be mindful and aware of the beauty that surrounds us. We hope you will too.


AICA Medal Winners!

We are very proud to announce that we were awarded a Bronze Medal for our Cold Brew Concentrate at the 2018 Australian International Coffee Awards (AICA) in Melbourne.

A Concentrated Effort
Its finally here. The Groundsman has been refining his Cold Brew Concentrate and the final product is now ready for you.
Getting the flavour profile just right as well as the strength has been a challenge but we are confident you’ll love it. As far as Cold Brew goes it provides so many options for ways it can be consumed. See our Cold Brew page for a list of serving suggestions. Enjoy!
Teaming Up

The Groundsman is happy to announce that we use the guys at Monastery Coffee for all of our coffee roasting needs.
Adam and his team are a great bunch who love coffee and love helping others. Oh and they also love rock-climbing. What more could you want from your local roaster. Check them out if you ever get the chance!

What Goes Around
Unless you want to come by and drink straight from the brew vats, we need to get our brew to you in a vessel of some sort.
Generally, the beverage industry doesn’t love Container Deposit Schemes (CDS) but we couldn’t be happier that we live and work in a State that supports people in reducing their waste and re-purposing for good. Even if it takes away from our bottom line, we know we are doing the right thing.
South Australia started its CDS program back in the 1970’s and the Northern Territory has been operating one since 2012. In more recent times the New South Wales, Queensland, and Western Australian state governments have announced they will be starting their own schemes within the next couple of years. Good work States!
Whether your state has a CDS in place or not, The Groundsman encourages you to recycle wherever possible.
The Groundsman Launches
After many long hours of tasting coffee, finding the right partners, and perfecting our brew, The Groundsman is finally here. Keep an eye on these pages for more news about our progress and where you can find us.