Cold Brew

The Groundsman’s original Cold Brew coffee, has been created specifically for the Australian coffee lover. A high quality, sugar free, cold coffee, that’s healthy and refreshing.

The Groundsman’s Cold Brew is a blend of two naturally sweet Ethiopian coffees. As coffee is a seasonal fruit we chose the freshest Ethiopian coffee beans available to us for your tasting pleasure. In preparing our original Cold Brew we have aimed to highlight the fruity and floral characteristics inherent in the naturally processed Ethiopian coffee beans.

See below for some information on how we source the beans, the way they are processed, and the steps we take to create our Cold Brew for you to enjoy.

Young African woman collecting coffee cherries, East Africa


At The Groundsman we only deal with suppliers that we know operate with integrity. We buy our beans direct from an Australian boutique International specialty coffee importer and trader with direct relationships at origin. They work at the producer and mill level to source and improve coffees at the farm gate. This allows us to be safe in the knowledge that not only are our coffee producers happy and healthy, but they are also being supported by the very people they supply to. The Groundsman would call that a win-win.


Coffee originates as a fruit on a tree that has to be picked and processed. The method that is used to process the coffee fruit to become green beans ready for roasting can have a significant effect on the flavour of the roasted and brewed coffee. We choose to use naturally processed coffee, also known as dry process or unwashed coffee. Naturally processed coffee is sun-dried, comprising the fully ripe cherry being carefully dried on raised beds. Once the coffee has reached the optimum moisture level, the pulp is then removed and the coffee beans graded ready for market.

Rows of drying coffee beans


Coffee roasting is part art and part science. The coffee bean is, after all, an organism which reacts to heat in many different ways. With science, subtle variations or consistency can be attained. With art, the roaster can create a variety of tastes, aromas, and nuances for an entirely different experience. The Groundsman’s specialist roaster has had a huge impact in ensuring our Cold Brew meets the highest standards of aroma, flavor, and satisfaction. A specialist roaster who is knowledgeable of their science, and has years of experience is who we rely on. And they definitely love the art of roasting.


Brewing the perfect Cold Brew sounds straightforward but believe us it takes testing, knowledge, experience, and most of all patience. The Groundsman has applied his ability to watch grass grow, to the careful process of Cold Brewing coffee. Time is a major factor in any great coffee. We just added a bit more than others to prepare ours. It is this sort of attention to detail that enables us to prepare a product that we are proud to put our name to.

Coffee Brew Time
Groudsman Coffee


As soon as possible after our Cold Brew has completed its brewing process, it is packaged ensuring the freshest product for you. Packaging it into a resealable small bottle means we can provide it to you in more places, and means you can take it more places. And its made ready-to-drink so it means you don’t have to add anything to it. Just grab it from the fridge, crack it open, and enjoy.


The Groundsman’s ready-to-drink

The Groundsman’s ready-to-drink is made to be consumed straight up as its name suggests. That doesn’t mean you can’t add things to it as you please. Try some of the below variations and feel free to share with us your experiences and thoughts on them. Enjoy!

  • Cold and straight up, with or without ice.
  • Add in soda water or mineral water for some spritzy carbonation. Take it another step and throw in some slapped fresh mint or a squeeze of fresh lime for that extra zest.
  • Add a dash of milk for a delicious iced coffee. We like to use almond or coconut milk for a nice refreshing flavour.

The Groundsman’s Concentrate

Just because its called Cold Brew it doesn’t mean you have to drink it cold. Cold Brew is merely the method of preparing the coffee.

Our Cold Brew Concentrate works great as a consistent daily cup of coffee as you would normally drink it. Just heat up the desired amount of Cold Brew being sure not to boil it and prepare your coffee as you normally would.

Espresso Martini

There are a myriad of ways you can make an Espresso Martini by varying the ingredients. Our preferred method is as follows

  • 50ml The Groundsman Cold Brew Concentrate
  • 30ml vodka
  • 30ml Kahlua
  • 15ml sugar syrup

Add all ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice, shake hard and strain into a martini glass. Garnish with coffee beans or honeycomb pieces for a perfect finish.


Who doesn’t love icecream drizzled with coffee? Add 1 or 2 scoops of your favourite icecream to a glass and pour over 30 – 60 mls of The Groundsman Cold Brew Concentrate. If you’re over 18 and looking for some extra pleasure add 30mls of Frangelico to complete the affogato perfection.

Iced Coffee

We know South Australians love an iced coffee and while we do appreciate the traditional dairy milk version we prefer to mix our Cold Brew Concentrate with almond milk or coconut milk for the most refreshing iced coffee. We suggest using 2 parts milk to 1 part Cold Brew Concentrate. By all means vary this to your own preference.

Stout Beer

If you’re a regular drinker of stout beer then you’ll love this combination. Add 30 – 60 mls of our Cold Brew Concentrate to your beer and enjoy the delicious flavour enhancement, and extra kick, you get.